Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'm such a tit sometimes..

Nothing exciting has happened lately healthwise, CF things seemed to be ok apart from the odd dodgy day, everything going well :) So what silly old me do..fall over my own feet and possibly break my wrist! I went to A&E and the x-rayed it but said that the scaphoid bone in your wrist (the one they think I've fractured/broken) doesn't show up on an x-ray for 10 days! So since last Friday it's been stuck in a split - I can't cut up food, pour a drink, do my don't realise how much you use your hands! I'm back at the hospital this coming Tuesday (the 4th) so I'm REALLY hoping it's healed otherwise it'll be 6 weeks in a cast; no work, no driving (I was meant to have my first driving lesson yesterday but had to cancel because of this!) and I'll be bloody gutted.
Sunny walk by the canal
with Luci
So pleaaaaase cross your fingers, toes, eyes and all that, that this just heals up in the 10 days! 
I wish there was some dramatic story to go along with it like I had jumped in front of a bus to save a child but no, I just tripped over my own feet..I'm such a tit sometimes!

On another note, Paddy had a flush today and Judith said would I mind having my photo taken being given Kalydeco from her and the pharmacist? Of course not! So my face will be in Frimley Hospital's magazine and our CF unit newsletter along with a quote that I still need to give!

Getting on a pedalo with a
broken wrist - oh I do love
a challenge ;)
Also, I had an ultrasound today on my liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach etc as part of an annual thing to make sure everything's going well. I went in and the doctor said 'oh I remember you - I did your ultrasound last year!!' How bizarre! Although it's never good when they say 'was your liver ok on last years scan?' although luckily he kept going back over it and it was fine *phew*

That's about it - let's hope this wrist decides to heal up quick..I'm already annoyed with just the splint on!