Monday, 17 February 2014

Dear Body..

A little note to my body..

Why is it that every time I get a break from work, all be it a half term holiday, Christmas or summer, I am ill? I know you spice it up a bit with some variety - crappy lungs, a stomach blockage, a cold, migraines, a weird IV/tablet reaction or even all of the above! However, it really is not appreciated. I work bloody hard and I would quite like to enjoy the time I get off rather than spending half of it, if not all of it, poorly with one thing or another.
Please sort it out - thank you :-)

Two days ago I had the worst blockage pain ever, debated a&e as I was on a heap on the floor in tears unable to move but after a while it started to ease so I thought I'd try and wait until Monday so I could talk to my team. Luckily today it's a lot better, still an awful stomach ache and I'm not wanting much to eat but the pain is more manageable.

Now that's all done and dusted I can finally move on to some good news - I am finally redoing my bedroom! Dads doing most of the work for the moment as it's stripping the room, plastering, sorting out & radiator bits and bobs but I'll help once it gets to the painting and decorating :-)
I've chosen some lovely wallpaper for one of the walls, paint on all the rest. Hopefully within a couple of weeks it will all be completed and I can move back in there - I'm in the spare room for the moment.
I'll pop up some pictures once it's all finished :-)

It's half term this week so a week off from work, spending the first half at home with this blockage but hopefully by the middle of the week it'll sort itself out so I can at least enjoy the last half of the week!

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