Sunday, 26 January 2014

Annual review

It's that time of year again, annual review time. On the surface everything seemed to go pretty well! Lung function was around 2.3l which I was surprised about and my weight is still stable.
Even better news, it turns out I've grown a cm since last year, haha did not expect that at all! (Still a bit of a short arse though!)
Had all the usual chats with the physio, dietician and everyone. Nearly ended up in a&e doing the step test as me (being the eegit I am) slipped off the step..luckily I managed to regain my balance before I landed on the floor! I did chat to the physio about my back as I've had bad back pain a lot lately. She thinks it's due to the fact my hamstrings are sooo tight and then I'm coughing which makes the middle of my back tight so the lower back is compensating for it all. She gave me a few exercises to try and help but if not she can refer to a different physio.
One bonus this year is I didn't burst in to tears when we had to have the hard talk - I could see Brenda didn't like asking the questions. I don't think anybody wants to think about you being at end stage CF, but chats have to be had. They ask you about transplant, if you'd want one etc, plans for end of life care - stuff I do think about, especially when I'm ill, but I'm never that worried about me, it's more about how everyone else will feel. I find that with cf, I'm more worried about how it affects everyone else emotionally and physically more so than myself.
Other things were discussed & luckily I had an X-Ray two weeks ago as I was having awful chest pain so didn't need another one - nothing showed up on the previous one as being a major issue so we think the pain may have been plugs moving around.
I'll be waiting the next few weeks for sputum and blood results to come back but I don't think I'm growing anything bizarre!
I was only there for about 3 1/2 hours, not bad really. Maybe it's just me but I always find it tiring, mentally and physically, so I had nice long sleep and a cake when I got home!

Everything seems to be okay at the moment, got a bit of a sore throat & headaches going on! I bought this gorgeous pillow mist from Champneys, ever since I've been sleeping a lot better, it smells incredible!

There are no words to explain how much I love my Mum. She comes to every appointment, is always there for whenever I'm down and knows just what to say. It's the little things too like sending me a little quote or having a surprise cake for after work. She stays up all night with me when I'm poorly, helps with my IVs, makes me laugh when I can't find a reason to laugh & is just all round amazing :-)

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My 21st!

I celebrated my 21st birthday at Pennyhill Park - an evening of champagne, canap├ęs and cake! And what better excuse than your 21st to wear a full length sequin dress? ;) my lovely friend Charlie came down from Manchester to come to my party so we spent the whole weekend together which was fab!
I'm so lucky to have such thoughtful, caring, loving and amazing family and friends :-)

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