Friday, 14 September 2012

Sore lungs :(

I've still been busy at work, had a friends birthday BBQ the other night as well which was lovely. But yesterday my top right lung was quite sore :( it seems to be a bit of a weak place as whenever I get this type of lung pain it always starts up in that corner at the back! Little bugger. Woke up this morning hoping it'd be gone as sometimes it just lasts a day but no, naughty lungs are still playing up! There's a dull ache there all the time but when I cough it hurts quite a bit now! Despite that, I feel okay in myself..just very very tired. So I'll see how it goes over the weekend, my hospital appointment that was meant to be today ended up changing to Tuesday! Obviously my lungs realised this so decided they wanted a bit of attention. Hopefully it'll be gone by Tuesday though. Time to step up nebs, do some physio and see if I can sort myself out for then :) Still off to work though, gotta keep plodding on! But thank god it's Friday! 

And to top it all off I have the most poor excuse for a sore knee. Last night I managed to trip backwards over a tissue box onto the sofa, thought nothing of it until I went to walk later on and realised my knee is actually quite painful. And it's still sore this morning! But I can't really say I've hurt my knee because I tripped over a tissue box can I?! Such a clumsy cow..

Anyway, have a lovely weekend! Let's hope these lungs stop being a pain (literally!) and improve before Tuesday comes :)

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