Monday, 12 November 2012

Little move around!

Had a little move around of a few things on the rid of the pictures that were always down the side of the home page as it ended up looking too messy so I left one there and then on my 'about me' page I put lots of pictures up on there :) 
If anybody has any idea on how to make pretty headers/signatures/buttons etc PLEASE feel free to DM me on twitter or facebook or anything because I want to try and make it look a bit prettier but not sure how to create all of these things! 

Lungs wise, I didn't manage work today..lungs just weren't up to it! Slept a lot today & do feel a bit better for it so think I'll be going in tomorrow :) Rang hospital but no answer so I'll ring again tomorrow but I have an appointment on Friday anyway so I'll just wait and go down then to see them :) Might ask about this new neb they want me to try rather than going down the IVs route seeing as my high temperatures seem to be coming down! Although my cough does sound pretty horrendous at the moment! Eeeek.

Fingers crossed for feeling better tomorrow :) 

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