Sunday, 11 November 2012

Poorly lungs

Here we go again! Thursday I had a tickly cough that just got worse and worse as the day went on, ended up going to bed knackered in the evening. But at 3am I woke up (and woke mum up too with my coughing!) and had the mother of coughing fits and could stop coughing for more than a few seconds till 6.30am! Everytime I thought I was just about to drop off I'd bloody cough again! 
Cough mixture in warm water,
night nurses tip to sooth
the tickly cough! 
At 8am I woke up to let work know I wouldn't coming in, thought I felt a bit warm and was completely out of it, confused, dizzy and though 'oh here we go' and went to find mum to tell her I was convinced I had a bit of a temperature. Checked it..... 38.3degreesC! Lovely! Rang hospital and they said that there wasn't actually a doc there! Dr Higton who was doing the clinic bit was on holiday and Dr Ho was doing the wards. Ahhh. In the end Judith managed to get hold of Dr Ho who said to take some coamoxyclav that I had in the cupboard and see how I go over the weekend and call them on Monday.
As the day went on I just felt horrendous, my lungs were not cooperating at all. I went to the supermarket with Mum to grab some things. But at one point I thought I was going to have to ask her to pop in a wheelchair to wheel me round as I was exhausted, my lungs were exhausted but then I was like 'no I've GOT to push myself' so I managed a little walk around Waitrose (despite coughing my lungs up whenever I went down the cold isles!)

On Saturday I still had a bit of a temp but it was a bit better than Fri and I was feeling a bit better in myself. It was my cousin Will's 30th birthday so we went to see the family and have a buffet and some drinks..getting myself ready took a bit more effort than usual but I dosed up on painkillers and had a little nap in the car on the way! 

Then on Sunday it was my Grandad's 81st! So we had a gorgeous roast dinner and we'd made him a red velvet cake too :) 

So now I'm at home and I'm just going to relax, have an early night & hope that I get enough sleep and my lungs feel a bit better so I can go into work tomorrow because I hate missing it!! Better give hosp a ring though & see what they want to do with me! Still got a very chesty cough & it feel very clogged up :( Naughty lungs! 

PLEASE hurry up with the decision for Kalydeco! This could make such a big improvement and I might not have days like Friday.  Hope you all had a good weekend xx

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