Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Another angel gained her wings..'Transplant Week'

Sadly, yesterday, another gorgeous girl passed away.  Emma was only 20 years old and on the lung transplant list but unfortunately her lungs didn't come in time.  She was lovely and bubbly; so many of us are just devastated by the news. You can't ever seem to put in to words how you feel and each time another CF friend leaves you..it never gets 'easier' and you never 'get used to it' - each time it just cuts a bit deeper.
But also it opens up old wounds - every time a fellow CFer looses their battle, I ALWAYS think of my Sammy..to be honest, I think of her lot anyway, but at times like these I just want to cry and see her, be with her again and muck around, laugh and plan cocktails like we used to.

This week is TRANSPLANT WEEK - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up. There are never going to be 'too many organs'. Too many people like Emma are loosing their fight because lungs are not available often enough.  And it's not just lungs and CF patients.. people need heart transplants, eyes, livers, kidneys..
Just think - would YOU accept an organ if you needed one? If yes, then sign up..don't be hypocritical. It takes 2 minutes to type your name in, click which organs you want to donate and they send you your card. And make sure your family know your wishes. I have CF and I'm still on the register..my eyes, my heart..possibly liver or kidneys depending on their condition. You never know if you or a loved one will need a transplant, and how angry would you feel if that transplant couldn't happen because there weren't enough organs donated..you can't even imagine how that must feel to families and friends of those who don't make it. You can only be on the transplant list for so long until your body decides enough is enough. 

Transplants save lives. That's the end of it..your don't need your organs in Heaven so leave them down here and save peoples lives. 


PLEASE take two minutes of your time and save somebodies life. 

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