Sunday, 28 July 2013

Struggling for breath

Short blog guys as I'm feeling pretty sick and don't fancy vomming all over my mac! I had a really bad night last night just struggling and fighting to get a good enough breath in. Even night nurse Sue who is always very calm was getting concerned. We checked my sats which were 99 unless I spoke and then they went down to 96. My lungs feel like they need oxygen yet the machines still are saying no - it's such a confusing situation. 
I spent a good couple of hours really struggling; it was just so scary finding it so hard to breathe. In the end it was very tiring and I ended up falling asleep. That's all I want to do lately is sleep..if I'm asleep I don't feel sick, I don't realise how much I'm fighting for each breath and I can forget about it all.  I'm feeling better today than I was last night but it still feels like a lot of effort goes in to every breath. 
Dr Higton mention about going back on to steroids - she should be coming round tomorrow so I'm going to talk to her about it, I cannot stand the side effects. I was so low last time I was on them & I don't want to go through all that again. 
Sorry for the short blog, I'm going to go try and have a rest now. Hopefully have some more energy to see my grandparents & Tom who are visiting later. Lets hope tonight is a better night :)

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  1. huggles and squishes and maybe some chocolate thrown in for good measure... is your heart rate high? sometimes your heart compensates for low sats by being a lot higher than normal so instead of low sats you've got a racing heartbeat. as for steroids, they're never fun of course. would even a 5 day course be tolerable? I'm on them all the time but bad lung times means a bump to 30mg for 5 days which helps. hope they find something magical in their stock cupboards! xxxx