Thursday, 1 August 2013

Why is nothing ever simple?

After I spoke to Dr Higton about not going on steroids due to how low they made me feel they suggested using a steroid inhaler instead as it's absorbed in a different way so you wont have the same side effects. I'm now on Symbicort which seems to be working pretty well! Wednesday afternoon they said I could be discharged from hospital on the provision that I "don't go wild" - they know me too well, usually try to do everything the minute I come out of hospital or am on IVs! The nurse said to pop back at 4pm to have the last IVs of the day as home delivery IVs don't deliver in time for the morning dose. So I popped back and they had to change my gripper (the needle and tube that you put into the port to administer IVs). First flush was ok, then first few mins of IVs were ok but it stopped & then wouldn't flush again. Tried a second and third time; it still wouldn't flush so Sweety said she didn't want to do it again as it was getting really painful and I was pretty stressed. So I came home for a bath, tried to relax as best as I could but had no idea if Paddy had turned or was kinked. Why is nothing ever simple with me?!
I went back this morning, dreading what would happen - Judith said we'd try it one more time and if it didn't work we'd then come up with another plan. She put a gripper in, flushed it fine and plugged in some IVs..they worked fine. HURRAH!
Judith thinks the first gripper went in wonky and therefore some fluid got in to the tissue so it swelled a bit meaning the other grippers couldn't get in to place properly. 

This lot of IVs are making me feel quite sick and completely shattered. I'm having a great sleep at night, sleeping during the day and then still tired. Plus they keep making me want to cry all the time, even when I'm happy! I think anything, even a cute little dog, will make me burst! Plus the panic attacks come back..just horrible.

I'm back to hospital next Friday to have a check up & hopefully stop the IVs. I'm managing to get out and about a bit to get exercise for my lungs, plus I really want to go shopping so tomorrow mum & I are off to Bicester Village to have a look at their lovely outlet least with mum I can have a break after every shop if I need to without worrying that she's going to get annoyed! :) She came in everyday I was in hospital to sit with me & helps a lot with my IVs when I'm too tired or feeling to ill to do them. Words can say how much I appreciate and love her.

Lets hope for a good drama-free week! 

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