Friday, 16 August 2013

Tablets that are meant to make you feel better, make you worse!

Last week Dr Ho re-started me up on domperidone in the hope it would stop me feeling so bloated all of the time. It hasn't. In fact, instead of helping its made me feel really sick and has given me awful acid reflux, oh the joys! I wondered why all week I had felt so bad. Then last night it was just so so painful, just felt like I'd swallowed acid. I'd already had my omeprazole and ranitidine which did nothing so in the end the only thing that helped was to drink lots of milk! Today I didn't take any domperidone and so far *fingers crossed* I haven't felt too sick or had bad reflux..hurrah!!

I'm off on holiday tomorrow which'll be lovely, off to Ilfracombe for the week. Very excited, I can't wait :) The only thing is the realisation of how the past two and a half years have affected me - last time we all went on holiday for a week I was 15/16 and in great health. Since then I've had 1 near death experience and a few really poorly patches..I'm not feeling too bad at the moment but still notice how tired I'm getting after a day out or needing my extra nebuliser if I've been doing more walking than usual so it will be interesting to see how I feel on holiday. The good thing is that I always feel better by the sea..good salty air is great for the little lungs!
I've packed everything....I think! There's always something you forget and I'm awful for checking everything a thousand times!

I have fab news too..Katie and Kirstie are doing well after they both received a double lung transplant :) two very strong girls.
Had a lovely tea and yummy cake evening with some of the girls yesterday, was lovely to catch up!
Hope you all have a lovely week and I'll blog when I'm back!

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