Thursday, 20 March 2014

Big update!

Sorry I haven't blogged for quite a while - I just feel like I've been so busy with one thing or another for the past month that there are so many things I need to get done and not enough time to do them all. Quite a few various things to mention and update you on!

1. In half term (I work in a school for children with Autism for those of you who don't know) I had another stomach blockage so spent the week at home feeling crap. The first day it started the stomach pain was excruciating - I was just in a pile on the floor in tears and just couldn't move because of the pain. We debated A&E although I have medication for it in the house so I wasn't too sure what else they could do for me so took some of the meds and painkillers & had an early night. Not exactly what I wanted although I suppose at least I didn't need to have any time off work.

2. My bedroom is finally finished - I absolutely love it! It was definitely worth the wait and the saving :-) Massive thank you to my Dad who helped paint it, build the furniture etc.

3. Last week I had my annual review follow up appointment. It was okay although it could have been better.  My lung function and weight have dropped although I'm not too worried about that at the moment - just hoping it doesn't continue to fall. Dr Higton said my vitamin D levels are VERY low and despite being on two tablets for it already they're going to add in a third to see if it helps and repeat bloods in three months. If there's not change there are other treatments they can use. Due to this my bone health has suffered and my latest Dexa scan showed Osteopenia which means my bone density is getting low.  Apparently you can't really get the density to go up much once you've lost it although with exercise plus the extra vitamin D tablets it can either stay stable or increase a little bit.  

I've never suffered with my kidneys but Dr Higton has said that the latest blood tests show that they're leaking and are starting to show signs of wear and tear! Unfortunately the diabetes and the IVs both can damage your kidneys so there's not much I can do about it apart from keeping an eye on it with blood tests and then adding in a treatment plan if they get worse. 
Other issues were discussed and things sorted out. 

4. My lovely friend Sammie got married! It was a wonderful day and she looked beautiful - I did get a tad emotional as she walked down the isle and when her hubby made his speech! So here's a big congratulations to Mr & Mrs Fletcher :-)

5. I currently sound like a 50 year old smoker - feeling okay in myself but my cough just sounds awful and in the evenings I'm getting very tight chested & temp is up..I'm keeping an eye on it for a few days in case it's just plugs moving around but if I start to feel poorly or my breathing gets worse I think a trip to the hospital will be in order - trying to see if I can make it till the Easter hols in case I need IVs but hopefully this'll just quieten down.

This weekend I'm off to see London Irish play Bath (rugby) for the St Patrick's day match - I can't wait!

Have a lovely weekend :-)

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