Monday, 24 March 2014

Organ donation

Nobody can prepare you what it's like when someone dies, nobody can explain how it actually feels.
This past month there have been a lot of CFers gain their angel wings, the latest being the gorgeous Kerry Thorpe. Kerry was 23..what sort of age is that for somebody to die? She fought so so hard but unfortunately her body was tired of fighting. Her story is so inspiring and is exactly why you need to sign up to the organ donation register - get your family doing it, get your friends doing it, get anyone. I know it's been said a million times but you don't know when you or a loved one will need an organ.

I know people are busy and I don't expect you to give up hours of your time. But please, just sit there for one minute and really think hard. Imagine being in so much pain, unable to do anything, fighting so hard and wishing your second chance at life would come. Now think about the other perspective - your world being torn apart as you've seen your partner, parent, sibling, friend, go through agony for so long to then reach the end with no organs available, there's nothing anyone can do and you're left without them in your life.
I know that is blunt and horrible to think about but this is the reality of things. This is why it is vital you sign up to become an organ donor AND let your loved ones know you're wishes. People with rare blood types find it even harder to get organs so if more people sign up then surely there's more chance of them getting a match.
You can choose to donate any of the organs on the list, all of them or just one or a few. The more the better but the choice is yours. I've signed up on the internet and it genuinely only takes 2-3minutes to complete.
If one person signs up and two people who sign up who each tell another two people then hopefully it will get more and more people becoming organ donors. I know it's not nice thinking about what you want to do at the end of your life but just think that you could be the person that somebody thanks and thinks of everyday because your lungs, kidney or liver have saved their life.

It's really hard to cope when you hear that another CFer has passed away. Even if you didn't know them personally it hits home, especially if you've been following their story. It makes you think about your friends who are already up there, think of that person and their battle, think about their families who must be going through hell right now and to be honest once all the sadness has eased you think about your own mortality. I never really considered it much as a kid, I was pretty healthy with no major issues so why would I? When I was very very sick a couple of years ago I wasn't sure how much longer I'd be here for..that thought did cross my mind a lot laying that hospital bed on o2 and unable to barely eat, drink or talk as I didn't have the breath in me. Now I'm on Kalydeco I'm doing much better than that, however I still have rough patches and sometimes I do sit there and just wonder what is going to happen in the future - will I need a transplant? Will I become really poorly again anytime soon? But seeing as I can't see the future, however handy that may be, those questions will just be unanswered until a later date so it's pointless thinking or worrying at the moment!
It really helps that there's a big CF support group and when someone does loose their battle we do all chat, make sure each other are okay and offer support for those closest to the person.

Please sign up to become an organ donor and share this link with others

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