Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Needing a boost

I mentioned in my last blog that I wasn't doing too well and that IVs may be on the horizon..
Oh how I wish I was wrong sometimes. I didn't exactly realise how bad I'd got. The problem is with me is that I tend to go from okay to loosing quite a bit of lung function very quickly. I had my appointment today and my lung function has declined quite a lot, down to 1.1 litres (about 30%) which really isn't very good at all. A new dr has started at the unit so I met him today - he was lovely so that's nice :-) I mentioned about my blood sugars going high, temp up etc..all usual signs of having an infection. Add my crap lung function into the mix and it was no wonder IVs were heading my way!
Luckily, he's agreed to let me do them at home where I'm happier and more comfortable. If things get even worse then maybe I'll have to stay in or meds could be added to the mix so here's hoping things start to improve.
People don't realise how tiring just trying to breathe can be..when you're puffing and panting away it takes so much energy plus the IVs don't help either. I would love to have some people feel how it feels right now because I swear most people you tell think you're just a bit tight chested and are making a deal out of it & that you'll just get better at some point. But with every infection comes more permanent damage.

I'm starting to get quite fed up of being ill pretty much every holiday break we get from work - whether it be half terms or Easter, Christmas, summer - I seem to end up on IVs, have bad stomach problems or a delightful combination of the two!

Lately I've been suffering with what I can only describe as odd travel sickness headaches but without travelling. My head hurts but not a lot, just feels all fuzzy and sore especially at the front and sides, I feel very sick with it plus quite dizzy. I get it randomly so mentioned it to Judith who said it sounds like low sats by they seem to be okay at the moment so she wondered if they may be dropping when I'm doing things or if it's just because the infection making me feel rough. So we're seeing how it goes and if it's no better after the IVs finish we'll investigate further.

First delivery of IVs tomorrow - that's the pain with being on mero as it means waiting in for deliveries every two days.
I'm going to relax for the rest of the evening with a good book & a cuppa :-)

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  1. Lots of lovings heading your way. That's exactly what happened to me in the summer - felt a bit crap, thought i was due ivs that i could maybe put off and i'd actually lost half my lung function and it was in the very low 30s. Your headaches sounded like low sats to me too, is your heart rate higher than normal? That could be low sats too as sometimes my heart rate speeds up but sats stay okay so initially on paper it doesn't look as bad as you'd initially think.

    Hope you get to enjoy easter despite IVs xxxxx