Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Half way through..

Quick gripper change today which means I'm halfway through this course of IVs - hopefully won't need anymore after the two weeks. Starting to feel a bit better. Had a few rough evenings the past few days where all the gunk in my lungs has been so thick & there's been so much that I'd have huge coughing fits where I just felt like my lungs were closing in and in. It was pretty scary as each time I tried to take a deep breath in to cough even more it just blocked from the gunk. Seems to happen in the evenings more so than the days now and is starting to get easier which is always a good sign :-)
This round of IVs have made me feel very very rough..headaches, dizziness, feeling so exhausted that I'm having to sleep after doing things and at one point they were making me throw up too so I've started taking my antisickness half hour before them which hasn't cured all the nausea but has stopped the actual sicky bit thank God! Managing to walk around easier now and do a more.
I'm determined after this lot of IVs to get in to shape and also to start feeling better about myself. Really need to boost my confidence & think more positively (however cheesy that sounds!)
Hospital is next Wednesday so fingers crossed that all is grand & I can finish this course..I'll keep you posted :-)

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