Monday, 19 May 2014

First combined clinic, CFRD & CF

For those who don't know, CFRD means Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes. It's slightly different to type 1 and 2 - we just like to be awkward! Today was my diabetic and lung checkup - they've changed it so there's a diabetic doctor and nurse who come to the unit on one of your normal clinics so I don't have to book another appointment somewhere else in the hospital! Much easier.
Lung function was down a little, but we're not worried about it, just something to keep an eye on. Dr Orchard was pretty happy with how everything has been going, especially as when I last saw him a couple of months ago my lung function had dropped to 30% so he was quite concerned - today was a better picture :-) mentioned about my leg pains as I do to pretty much every medical professional I see on the off chance one of them says 'oh I know EXACTLY what that is, here let's do this to stop it!' But no such luck, like everybody else he says there's probably nothing that can be done.
The diabetic consultant was happy with my bloods are they're pretty well controlled at the moment, just the odd high. I mentioned that I've been struggling with lows lately, usually between 3-6pm but sometimes at 11pmish. He said it can't be due to my insulin as I only have a small amount before my main meal in the evening so that's out of my system in about 4 hours. They suggested changing my lunchtime foods by having long lasting carbohydrates instead of quick ones - for example swap white bread for brown. So I'm going to try that and they said if that has no effect they will arrange with my CF drs to have a steroid test done as I used to be on a lot of steroids and apparently if my body isn't producing enough of their own, it has an affect on blood glucose levels so may be a reason. Failing that I may just need to snack a little more! Always a good excuse for a choccie biscuit ;)

That's mainly it, quick update as nothing too major has been going on. It's been lovely getting out in the sun the past couple of days, makes you feel a lot better! The students are on half term next week which means a week off for me..yay! :-)
Bikini modelling CF style.....?

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