Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Hey everyone, I've been feeling really good lately so haven't been blogging! So busy with lots of various things!
The past few days I've started to feel a bit groggy. For a few weeks chest has been quite up and down and it's hard to tell whether it's just the hot weather or hay fever or an infection but since about Sunday I've had temperatures (not crazy high about 37.8) in the evenings, been feeling very tired, headachey and just that general 'not feeling well' feeling that's a bit hard to explain. Next week I've got a very busy week workwise so I thought I'd give the hospital a ring today to ask for some oral abx as a precaution and hopefully to tide me over the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping this will be enough of a boost as I really don't want IVs right now! They've given me Augmentin which I'm usually okay on apart from nausea but I've got lots of ondansetron in the cupboard for that! Hoping they do the trick..
Fingers crossed eh?
Everything else seems to be going well at the moment - I'm really happy, relaxing more which I really needed to do. My gorgeous little cousin had her 5th birthday last week and my Grandad had his 80th the week before - both such lovely days spent with the family :) there's a few pictures on here from the days.
Counting down until summer holidays, not too much longer now. Let's hope this lovely weather stays, top up the vitamin D!
Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend, I'm sure I'll update soon :)

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