Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hospital, overdose of steroids & updates!

I've not been good at updating my blog lately, so I've got a few pics and things to update everyone on! I'm writing this whilst buzzing quite a bit as I thought I was grabbing an ondansetron out of the cupboard but it was actually a steroid so I've overdosed on those instead! Such a twit..

Today I've been back to hospital, it was lovely..they had Christmas music playing, mince pies & a few decorations :) I just want to take a minute to say how lucky I am to have such an amazing team of nurses and doctors at my hospital..they are just incredible & without them being they way they are hospital visits would be a lot tougher! Anyway, lung function was a little lower but only by like .1 of a litre so that's fine! I said could they take bloods to check iron again as I know 5 months after the transfusion my iron levels drop again so better be safe than sorry :) Dr Ho spoke about Kalydeco again and he said it's so difficult because he just wants to be able to give me the tablet! (so yes, a decision has STILL not been made...guess we'll all have to continue hanging on to the new year..)
Shelley did a brilliant port flush so Paddy has had a drink! I handed out the Christmas pressies I'd got for the nurses and docs.. homemade hot chocolate on a stick :)

I couldn't believe it but yesterday was 3 months since Samantha went to join the angels.. time has gone so quick since then but I honestly think about her every day. Especially when I'm feeling low or worrying about my health I think of how amazing she was at getting my through my very tough time last year and how strong she remained, even when she knew she had weeks left she still had time to joke about with me, talking about cocktails we liked..so I often think of her & that keeps me going. On Christmas Eve mum and I thought we'd go to the green & let off one of those lanterns for Sammy :)

So that was a pretty good hospital review, I'll get the blood tests back by the end of the week hopefully! However since I've got home I've just started to feel a cold starting so I'm hoping it turns out to be nothing *fingers crossed* 
Here's a few pictures of what I've been up to lately!

Gabby, Steph & I

Cocktails with the girls.. a lovely much needed Christmas catch up :)

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