Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hamster cheeks, a thought for Kerry & gripper problems!

Hope you all had an amazing christmas :) 

On Christmas Eve mum & I thought we would let off a purple sky latern for my friend Sammy who passed away a few months ago. We reckon she was having a laugh and thought 'I'm not having you two getting upset on Christmas eve' because the bloody latern wouldn't fly! It lit, nearly set fire to itself and then just went out! She must have been having a right laugh up there! 

I'm especially thinking of a young lady I and many CFers know called Kerry who is very very ill at the moment. She is currently waiting for a lung transplant & with a lung function as low as hers it couldn't come any sooner. Kerry has defied the doctors and made it through Christmas but please pray for her and pray she gets the call she so desperately needs. And PLEASE join and encourage others to join the organ donation register, it's so important to help save lives. The more organs to donate the more lives we can save.

I've been on IVs for just over a week now. I guess it's my fault as I said a while ago 'IVs never make me feel too bad, it's usually the infection that gets me' so this time my body thought 'hey let's make the IVs make you feel like shit!' 

Within a few days of being on them my cold went but they made my chest go really tight and even on 8mg ondanaetron which is the most I can take (antisickness) I still felt like I was going to hurl & my appetite wasn't as good. It makes my moods so up and down too which I hate!
I go back to hospital on Thursday & hopefully the two week course of IVs will be over and I can stop them.

Being on these lovely higher dose of steroids means the return of the hamster cheeks! 

I had to have my gripper changed as you need a new one every week when on IVs...unfortunately this one took 4 attempts to do! First go and fluid went in the wrong place and it really hurt, then another go and another when it all began to swell up so Judith said she would leave it for 20mins and come back. Luckily 4th time it was fine :)

It was return of the panic attacks on Christmas Day, luckily mum was there to calm me down as she always does :) couldn't be without here, gets up with me to help with IVs at 6am, superstar mum, love her lots. 

And with a new year brings Kalydedo! Yay. 

Have a lovely new year xxxx


  1. I hope the IVs can end next week and that they make you feel a little better..hamster cheeks or no hamster cheeks you always look cute! Keep your chin (and cheeks!) up girlie! Does Kerry have a blog where we could send her uplifting msgs? If she does let us know!!

  2. Thank you :) yes this is Kerry's blog