Thursday, 20 December 2012

Time for a boost of IVs

I thought I'd finished earlier but no, I'm back again ;) 
Woke up with a temperature this morning and still felt rotten so thought I'd ring hospital, ended up going down there this they were so busy! SATs (oxygen levels) were ok, blood pressure ok, lung function was even ok so I was thinking 'oh gosh I've probably come down here for nothing!'
Spoke to Dr Ho who said my infection markers from the blood test that he took on Tuesday were starting to go up..we considered me starting some oral antibiotics but most of them make me sick anyway so he said the best idea is to just give me a boost with two weeks worth of IVs before this spreads in to a nasty chest infection! All my throat glands are is a pea sized lump in my neck which kind of makes me feel sick every time I touch it!
Started up on Meropenum and Ceftazadime twice a day so hopefully they wont make me feel too bad..had one dose and I'm already feeling quite tired from them. Stocked up on antisickness tablets to that's good ;)
I've got a few sore lung pains here and there at times so will just keep on top of painkillers as every time I sneeze or cough it makes the pains shoot!
Also the AWFUL leg pains I get have been bad again so Dr Ho said he'll refer me to a neurologist who will hopefully be able to find some answers as he thinks it may be a nerve problem! 

Anyway, for hopefully what will be the final time before christmas, Merry Christmas everyone..have a lovely time, drink lots and be merry! xx

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