Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year and a trip to A&E!

Happy New Year to all my lovely followers and blog readers :)

I'm hoping 2013 will be a healthier year, especially with the news that Kalydeco is being funded as from today! I've just got to wait now until my hospital gets hold of it and then finally I can begin taking it :)

After all the excitement and rush of Christmas and New Years my body thought it fancied some attention so this evening during my IVs it decided it would react..giving me swollen tingly lips, numb hands, red rashes everywhere, really itchy and then my lungs joined in and it was harder to breathe. I was just going to sit at home and see if it passed but it got worse so mum took me down to A&E. They rushed me through and were really good; the triage nurse gave me an antihistamine and did all my obs.. sats were down a bit but nothing major. By the time I saw the doctor I felt better so he said to let CF unit know tomorrow morning and take some antihistamines for the next day. Fun fun fun, I like to cause a bit of drama now and again ;)

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