Friday, 18 January 2013


This past week has been such a struggle for my poor little lungs. I've barely been able to walk around the house and even the small tasks of having a drink or eating leave me out of breath. Tuesday I was at hospital which I explained in my previous blog post and went on to IVs. Yesterday morning I woke up with a VERY high temperature of 39.4 and was just shaking and shivering, being sick and a complete mess. Mum stayed off work to look after me because my chest was so bad I couldn't get drinks or my neb or anything. 

I took the usual nurofen and paracetamol but it took 4 hours to get my temperature to around 37.5 which is still up a bit. For the rest of the day and night it just wouldn't stay down and I swear I've not felt this bad since I had my awful spell in Nov 2011 which I've blogged about before. 

My lungs feel exhausted, my whole body aches and although I'm a positive person it's sometimes hard to always stay positive when you feel this bad..surely everyone's allowed to moan sometimes?! 
Luckily I've had some lovely friends texting me and calling me as daytimis so boring I might go mental! Everyone always says a pj day laying on the sofa doing nothing is ideal but I swear when you have no choice it's horrible, I'd do anything to be going out!
And to make matters worse there's lots of snow now so I'm praying Tom can get home from uni okay and the trains aren't cancelled so I might get a chance of seeing him this weekend (we do 1 weekend at his uni and 1 back at home). If I can't see him ill probably end up crying! Already been in tears this morning because I can't see my family tomorrow (we'd planned a meal out) and I'm just so fed up of feeling so crap! 
I rang hospital to tell them I'm even worse than when they saw me on tues and Judith said ideally they would keep me in but there still aren't any beds :( so if I feel worse I have to go to A&E. I have a hospital appointment for Tuesday so we'll see what happens then. 

Anyway, I'm off to do some more relaxing as there's nothing else to do! 


  1. Can I ask- what were your spiros? I've been in hospital almost 3 wks but was the same as you whilst at home- couldn't make a cup of tea without getting extremely breathless.... My fev1 is usually 60+% it's dropped to 42% and my sats are 90% at rest & down to about 83% upon exercise. I've been having oxygen for exercise for past 20 months but think I now need it overnite. They're going to do overnite studies. Hope ur ivs are doing the trick & ur feeling much better soon x

  2. Mine vary! Problem is my hosp work in litres not %! But I think it was around 65% then dropped to 32% then up to50 odd % haha. Luckily my oxygen was fine when I was at hospital but that was just sitting down! I don't know if its worth doing an overnight study as I've been getting awful headaches when I wake and so breathless, but only when I'm ill. Thank you :) x