Thursday, 10 January 2013

20th Birthday & my Annual review

First of all, yesterday (9th Jan) I turned 20! I made loads of chocolate cakes and rice krispie cakes to take in to work which ALL went. 

My parents got my a bracelet from Tiffany & Co, but because my wrists are so small it had to be sent off to be made smaller so it wont come until 23rd Jan so I'll have to wait for that one ;)

On to the main thing, my Annual review was today. And on a day where I would have loved to have been at my best I feel horrendous! The past couple of days I've had a high temperature, body aching all over, coughing tonnes and just struggling to walk about as much..especially walking up and down stairs is more of a challenge!

This morning my lungs thought 'hey lets really throw something in the mix for hospital and make her cough up blood!' so that was thoroughly enjoyable..not. Luckily it was only streaks and not a full on bleed!
I went to hospital and saw Judith who filled out some bits & bobs. Rada did all my obs..sats were a little squiffy but then went up to 97 so that was ok. Heart rate was pretty fast but it always is when I have a high temp! Filled out more questionnaires about my health in the past year etc. Had all bloods done and a chest xray too. I must be poorly, I went up in the lift..and I HATE lifts! But there was no way on earth I could have walked up those stairs!

The dietician came in..low & behold she was really nice to me! I reckon maybe someone had had a word with her as I said I was upset last time as they nag and nag when I need to put on weight but when I've managed to put it back on and keep it on, they never praise or come to see me. So she walked in saying how happy she was etc... mentioned about in the future a peg would be good if I ever needed one as I cannot stand the supplements but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, last time I managed to force myself to eat in the end and I really don't fancy a peg.

My physio said she wouldn't bother with the exercise test as I just couldn't do it. Talked to her and she gave me stretches to do for my chest and back as I was saying I get back pain and my posture is really bad. She also suggested getting a pilates dvd which I wanted to do anyway :)

Judith had another chat with me, all about the future and stuff. Then everything got a bit emotional when she said 'do you think about the future' and I said 'yes quite a lot, especially since Sammy passed away' and ended up bursting in to tears and being a blubbering mess! 

Hopefully by Monday I'll feel better or I'll be ringing hospital! 


  1. I love that Im not the only one to start blubbering at Judith's 'let's talk about the future' chat during annual review! Poor Judith, maybe everyone does?! Im glad they do it though as it is good to get some perspective as to how well, or not (!), you actually are. No one used to mention that stuff, and yet Im sure everyone think about it and worries that they're more well, or less well, in reality than what they think they are.

    1. Haha! I did wonder if I was the only one getting a bit emotional! Yeah it's good to know future options and everything although I'm one of the lucky ones to be starting on Kalydeco soon so hoping it'll really help! X

  2. Happy 20th Birthday!!! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

  3. Happy belated birthday! Haha omg convos with dieticians are the worst, it's like when your mum nags you tidy your boring! I hope you feel better soon and that your annual review results all come back good xxx

    1. Thank you! Yeah it is like that isn't it ahaa. Felt very ill this morning, thought I'd end up in hospital! Bit better now xxx