Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blog Makeover, IVs & Kalydeco!

As you can see, my blog as had a makeover! I was fed up of the old layout and finally found out how to do a few things to make it look a bit nicer :)

On to the important stuff! Last week I began to feel a bit better, however still had high temperatures and was struggling to breath when walking around. Over the weekend it seemed to improve which was good. I went back to hospital today with the hope of coming off IVs but no such luck! My lung function was pretty much the same as last week so Dr Ho said one more week on IVs should do it as although I've had two weeks on the Coly I've only had one week on the Timentin so he reckons that's starting to work but if we stop it now, I might go back to how I was and we certainly don't want that! I am annoyed as it means it's three times a day so I can't go back to work :( However the children in my class sent me lovely letters and pictures saying they missed me which made me burst in to tears! I'd had a bad morning and that had cheered me up completely! :) I can't wait to go back.

Even BIGGER and BETTER news, I had my sweat test done today and bloods in preparation for Kalydeco! They're hoping either next Wednesday or the Wednesday after I'll be able to start Kalydeco :):):):):) Very exciting, cannot wait. So watch this space with my updates ;)

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