Tuesday, 15 January 2013

IVs & narrowly escaping a hospital admission!

So on my annual review I was starting to feel yucky. Over the weekend it's got a lot worse..in the mornings it's been so bad, to the point where I've been having to have a break half way down the stairs as its so much of a struggle, really high temperatures and all achey. Mornings are always the worst, feels like my lungs have just given up and last night I was thinking I just give up..I do all my treatments but still end up like this. But then I thought no that's not the attitude I usually have so I focused on the fact I'll be getting Kalydeco soon :) 

I popped to hospital today as I felt so bad, had to get mum to wash my hair as I just couldn't manage. Got to clinic, sats were a bit down from last time but still 96 which is okay. I'd already had my atrovent which opens me up a lot, and considering I'd had that which makes a big difference my lung function was still only 1.16 which calculates to around 33% which isn't good! That's down a whole litre in just two weeks! 

My temperature was up to 38.9 which is very high so that made me feel quite loony as it always does! 
I saw Dr Higton who said she would keep me in but there are no free beds at the moment! So she said to go home on IVs and go back in a week to make sure they're doing good! Unfortunately all the IVs that the bacteria weren't resistant to are IVs I'm allergic to! Seeing as tazocin only gave me a high temp at day 10, we thought we would try it again. And colomycin gave me numb hands and face but that can be a normal side effect so she said to have a half dose of that and see how I go!

It's just so tiring having to breathe, any energy I have I end up using on that or thinking 'I feel better, I'll pop out for half an hour to waitrose to grab some food' and end up knackered! 

I've got to have time off work as my chest isn't up to doing much which is horrible as I hate missing work as I love it but luckily my work are so understanding...I'm very lucky! :) 

Anyway I'm off to have a sleep as I'm knackered! Lets hope these IVs do the trick! 


  1. Sorry to hear you're not so good at the moment Grace, but keep going with that positive mental attitude of yours. Another great blog post - what you're doing really helps people understand just what you and other CF'ers have to go through on a daily basis - keep up the good work - and get better very soon. xx