Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Meningitis scare & Kalydeco!

Hiya everyone :)
Everything's been pretty good lately so I've not really had much to blog about CF wise! On slight issue has been on Friday. I came out of work and realised I had a rash on my leg, got mum to have a look and see what she thought and as we pressed it, it didn't disappear (not a good sign - most rashes go away when you press with a glass/finger!) so we went to the GP to pick up prescriptions and asked on the off chance if a doctor was available and luckily there was or we would have had to have gone to A&E! So we went in and explained to him what it was, showed it and said that I felt fine.  It is NEVER good when a doctor looks at a rash and goes 'oh dear, now that does concern me a lot..' haha. He asked how I felt and I said that I've been absolutely fine, just have a rash on my leg! He said that if I was a little kid he would have rushed me straight to hospital as it looks exactly like meningitis but as I'm old enough to understand when I don't feel well and that I WAS feeling fine he then calmed down as with meningitis I'd be feeling VERY unwell and also the rash would be spreading quickly, which it wasn't.  So he said to go home and relax for the weekend - he couldn't say it wasn't meningitis just in case I woke up on Saturday feeling ill in which case I'd have to go to A&E. I drew round it so I could see if it had spread but it was fine and now it's pretty much gone! 
Bit of a panic though when a doctor mentions meningitis! 

Today I had clinic for a Kalydeco check up :) It went really well and my lung function had gone up even MORE - to 2.3 litres, figures I haven't seen for nearly 2 years!!! Dr Higton was very very pleased and didn't really have much else to do. Shelly took some bloods for me and gave Paddy a flush.  My next appointment is for three months time - yes, THREE months! I haven't had an appointment that far apart for well over a year! 

Lastly, the month of May is CF awareness month.. I will probably do a blog on it in a couple of days so please share and if you follow me on twitter, pretty please retweet some of my CF ramblings or tweet it yourself with the #cysticfibrosis #cysticfibrosisawareness hashtags! Thank you :) 


  1. glad K is going well! 11th May is when I'm getting married haha :D hope you two have a lovely anniversary <3

  2. Oh wow, have a lovely wedding day! xxx