Thursday, 4 April 2013

So apparently I have 'unhappy nerves' & I'm going to be electrocuted..

Meg & I & the very
large cocktail
I've mentioned before about the mysterious leg pain that I randomly get and that for 7/8 years NO doctor has had a clue what the heck it is.  Just agonising pain.  Dr Ho referred me a while ago to a neurologist and today I had my appointment.  The doc seemed quite nice and we went through the usual background of my CF and medication list (which I'd printed off beforehand as I can't always remember the dosages of all of them!).  He did a reflex test on my arms and legs - for this I had to either push or resist with my arms/hands/legs/feet and he then pricked certain parts of them with a little needle to see if I could feel it.  He then used a two pronged fork thingy (technical term obviously ;)) to send little vibrations on my fingers and toes to first see if I could feel that but then I had to shut my eyes and tell him when it had stopped (when he held the two prongs it stopped vibrating). He also looked into the backs of my eyes. After all of that he said that usually women have a strong reflex in their legs compared to men, they aren't sure why, but mine were very strong so there could be a reason for that! 
All in all he said he also wasn't sure what on earth it could be! But he said he will book me in for a scan for my back to make sure that's okay but it takes 6-8weeks for that appointment to come through and also, has he put it, "we will electrocute you!" It's pretty much a test where they send electric shocks through your body starting low and getting higher to see how your reflex's react and how quickly it travels etc.  He said it can be quite painful but wont cause damage - so great, I'll be electrocuted! To be honest, I don't even care, I just want to get to the bottom of what the hell is wrong with my bloody legs!!!!!!

Meg, Me, Jess
Girls night out :)

I've had a busy couple of weeks as it was the last week of term at school (work) and then obviously it's Easter Holidays so I've been seeing friends and family.  I've got a few pictures of what I've been up to :)  I just with this weather would pick up.. it's the 4th April and it SNOWED today - that's just wrong! Please somebody send the sun to warm us up!
Have a lovely Easter break if you're lucky enough to either be in school or work in a school and if not, have a lovely weekend tomorrow! 

My little cousin Livvy & me on
Easter Sunday

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