Friday, 4 October 2013

Stomach & chest are both fighting for attention!p

Hey everyone :)
After a really bad week chest wise (temperatures, feeling like I was drowning, all the fun things!) I went back to work last week, managed okay considering, but by Monday the blockage pains returned - I did wonder if they would as I am still extremely bloated.
I went down to hospital this morning; my lung function was slightly better but still not great but Dr Higton decided that as I was improving we would leave that but that I must ring if I get any worse.
They re X-ray'd me to see what was going on and as we thought there's still a blockage there! So we're back to the same meds for a week, possibly two. Unfortunately the tummy meds stop the Kalydedo working as well so I am expecting to feel shit for the next week or so anyway due to that. The evenings can still be pretty rough chest wise at the moment too, coughing fits just exhaust you and hurt.
So that all means no work because of my stomach and my chest, so as you can imagine I'm pretty upset. The past week I've been feeling quite low anyway so this really has added salt to the wound. Mums been amazing, treating me to Starbucks, getting me some lovely Lush bath bombs and just generally being there for me to cheer me up :)
I'm hoping and praying that 1-2 more weeks of this and my stomach will just be back to normal - I've had enough of the pain and looking like I'm pregnant now! We're fiddling around with my Creon too as the dosage was upped when I was very very sick and very tiny so we're wondering if actually they're too strong and I need less so it'll be a bit of trial and error I think!

Cross your fingers everyone because I think if it doesn't work this time I'll be on even stronger meds or may have to stay in which is obviously something I really don't want.
If you have any ideas of things to keep me entertained whilst I'm off please give me suggestions!
Have a lovely weekend :) xx- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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