Friday, 27 December 2013


A quick blog post today just to say I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! It was so nice to have an IV free Christmas! I finished my course of IVs on the 23rd - there's nothing like cutting it fine!
Christmas is about spending time with everyone who is special to you & I certainly did that. Was so lovely to relax! Now I'm in to planning for New Years & my 21st!
I have two friends and their parents over for New Years with me & my parents so I'm making a list of yummy canap├ęs to eat! And a week today is my 21st celebration! I am beyond excited :) then on the 9th January is my actual birthday! So lots of more exciting things to look forward too and to get sorted.
Last night I barely got any sleep as at 1am I woke up and my right lung at the top at the back was just agony if I breathed deeply, coughed, sneezed or anything. All day today it's been hurting so much too, I've never had chest pain like this so has been a slight worry. I phoned the cf unit and Judith said it does sound like a collapsed lung but I'm not particularly breathless so we decided it probably wasn't that & painkillers and rest would be a good plan and to ring if it gets any worse. This evening I can't tell if I'm slightly breathless or if I'm just panicking and even though I've had painkillers it's not changed. I'm so reluctant to go to a&e unless I have to so as long as it doesn't get any worse I'll stay like this and ring Judith again on Monday - or if it could just go that'd be amazing!
Fab news though! My friend Emily who I mentioned in my last blog receiving her double lung transplant was allowed home for Christmas! She has had to go back in but I spoke to her today and she said she's hoping to be out next week, I have everything crossed for her! It has been so lovely to get snapchats from her without her having O2 on! Please keep her, her family and her donor and their family not your thoughts :)
Oh and if I haven't said it enough times SIGN UP TO BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR! Make it your New Years resolution to give up two minutes of your time to potentially save peoples lives one day

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