Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The holly and the IV

I have written two posts this time so please read the post below this one too, it's a very exciting one!!

After only getting a week of IVs a few weeks ago due to my port playing up it took its toll on my lungs and they need a proper boost! My temperature had been high for the past couple of weeks so I knew something was brewing but I felt okay so plodded on as I normally do, I didn't want to make a fuss if it was nothing. But last Thursday my head and sickness started to get bad, I just felt like the room was spinning and felt so queasy. Over the weekend it got worse and by Monday my lungs felt like they'd taken a blow. I had clinic on Tuesday anyway so went and explained how I'd felt and wanted some orals to tide me over until after Christmas and my 21st birthday in January but after doing my lung function which had dropped to about 45-50% we decided that I did need IVs to sort me out properly.
I've got Mero and Azteronum both three times a day. 12g of IV antibiotics a day will definitely take it's toll on my body. After only a couple of doses I'm already very achy, tired & feeling sick.
Today my chest has felt quite bad at times and chest pain is still there but hopefully now the IVs have been delivered and I can do them every 8 hours it means they'll start kicking the nasty bugs out!

On the upside at least I have some time to write Christmas cards and to try and make some decorations for my 21st celebrations! It always seems that every year I never get to enjoy the last two weeks of work as I'm too poorly - silly lungs!
But never mind, I need to be in tiptop condition for Christmas and my birthday so let's get these IVs out of the way now, they're due to finish on Christmas Eve so fingers crossed :)

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