Friday, 26 October 2012

Chest pains :(

Spoke too soon yesterday when I said this cold hadn't spread to my chest! Woke  up this morning with really really bad lung pain, all down the back. Was in tears over it.. In the end I took some painkillers & managed to drop back off to sleep. Rang hospital (really didn't want to but mum said I really should & from experience mum knows best! Hehe) and Dr Ho said to keep on top of the painkillers, my Azithromycin (antibiotics) which I take every other day he said I should now take EVERY day & then see how I feel on Monday..if I feel the same or worse to go down & maybe IVs. GREAT! Not what I wanted considering I have my week off this coming week..have lots of lovely things planned and I don't want to have to cancel my plans and spend the week feeling shit. That's one thing me & fellow CFers were saying about earlier, we hate having to cancel plans because we suddenly come down with something & are unable to do things. 
My lungs feel like somebody is poking about inside them, they're really tired, I'm exhausted (keep sleeping so much), headaches, dizzy, feeling quite out of it too & feel sick..even my ondansetron (antisickness) aren't working :( My cough has got worse too which is tiring in itself..people underestimate how exhausting it is coughing so violently ALL the time & trying to clear your chest.
I must be feeling rough, I even did an extra neb! Haha.

ERGH! It was around this time last year that I became REALLY REALLY sick and of course I know I'm not as bad as that it still sends me panicking that things are going to take a turn for the worst like they did last time.
I've spent yesterday & today just lying on the sofa in my pjs, trying to eat as best as I can, feeling crap & the fact today I feel worse than yesterday is not making me feel any happier about it all!

I'm really hoping that this is just going to go over the weekend and on Monday I'll have my energy back, my little lungs will be rested & feeling well and everything else will sort itself out! Or it's down to hospital I go to see what they say.

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