Monday, 1 October 2012

Mysterious leg pain!

I'm sorry it's taken nearly two weeks to update my blog but I've been quite busy from work, very tired after work and healthwise (up until last friday) I've been pretty good!

You're probably wondering from the post title what I'm on about..basically for like the past 5/6 years I've suffered with the most horrendous leg pain. NO, it's not cramp, I'm not that stupid! And I've been checked for arthritus etc and it's not that. They've scanned it, x-rayed it...nothing. Not a thing at all.
I can happen in either leg, originally it started off in my shins and now it can hurt in either my foot, ankle, front of leg, back of leg, all the way past my knees, back of my knee etc.. either in one of those places or most of them at the same time! It can hurt for either 30mins or 12 hours.. it's THAT random. Doesn't matter if I've been doing exercise, not doing exercise, wearing heels, not wearing heels etc. It's not hot or cold or hard or anything. It can go from 'owch thats beginning to hurt a bit' to me crying in the middle of the night because it wont stop hurting. Just a really painful dull ache, not a sharp shooting pain or anything.
The main reason I'm blabbing on about all this is in the hope that SOMEBODY CF-er or not will have some idea what the heck is causing it!!!! It's sooo strange, my doctor when I was a child used to call me 'funny legs' and any doctors now (diabetic and CF) are clueless as to what it is..not even related to how my lungs are! So it remains a total mystery..if you have ANY idea, feel free to twitter PM or facebook PM me if you don't want to leave a comment on here! 
Treated myself to some warm cosy
new slipper boots!

Trying to think if there's anything else that's been going on.. oh yeah, had my flu jab which gave me a high temperature and awful chest for a couple of days! Fun fun fun. 

Just a quick post tonight as healthwise everything's not been too bad at the moment :) (finally, needed a bloody break from IVs & everything for a while!) 

It was my friend Samantha's funeral on Friday, I couldn't be there but she requested that everyone wore bows as she loved them. And seeing as the Cystic Fibrosis colour is purple, I wore a purple ribbon tied in a bow around my wrist the whole day (as did Mum) in memory of Sam. xx

Made a lemon meringue pie
Culinary genius ;)

Strawberry daquiri time!


  1. I know it's not cramp babes but yes you can be that stupid at times!! Love ya xxx