Monday, 15 October 2012

It's been a while..

Haven't blogged for a while but I've been pretty busy and healthwise nothing major has happened lately apart from a few little bits like low iron symptoms (i'll explain more further down!)..which is good but when everything's all fine & dandy healthwise I'm never too sure what to put, I don't completely want to bore people with every little detail of what's going on in my life, or what I've had for dinner etc!

Anyway, works been going really well, I've been out & about with friends and spent time with my family too! 
Last weekend it was my little cousins birthday so we all celebrated that & my cousin Sara made a GORGEOUS kitkit and m&m cake.. YUM.

During the week I've been at work, had a lovely catch up over a Starbucks with Emma & then Steph and I had a lovely evening out for a few drinks on Thursday! 

A couple of years ago they found out I was anaemic (low iron). It was very odd, I was poorly for a good couple of months and all of a sudden I had no iron in my blood. One week the levels were fine and the next week there was NOTHING. Not a drop! Docs thought it was odd but I had iron tablets and after a year my body though 'hey I'm bored, lets stop absorbing the iron tablets and be a pain in the ass!' So surely enough, my iron levels went low again; luckily I knew the symptoms from before! So seeing as I was in hospital (this was last Nov) I had an iron transfusion. Now these are meant to last around 9 months.. but my body again being awkward thought it would use up all the iron in 5 months instead! So again I said my iron was low as I was getting the symptoms..they checked it and said no levels were fine! But I kept on and on every week as I was pretty sure it was low and suddenly one week there was no iron again! So strange.. So I had another transfusion. That was around 4-4 1/2 months ago now and I'm wondering if I'm getting the symptoms again. The odd this is I seem to get the symptoms 3-4 weeks before it says the iron is low on the blood tests :S no idea why. But I'm VERY tired all the time, can't concentrate, pale, get upset or angry over the smallest of things (which really isn't can get in such horrible moods for no reason and I hate it) and feeling queasy with bad headaches. Another odd symptom is wanting to crunch idea why! I could be completely wrong & just having a rough few weeks with it all but I have hospital this Friday (yay for managing a month without an appointment, longest time in year!!!) so I'll ask them to check levels and then keep an eye on it. I can always go for a blood test in a couple of weeks if I feel it getting worse. Low iron is such a horrible feeling. At least it can just be sorted out by an easy iron transfusion, although that does take 4 hours to go through so I'll have to get some yummy snacks and some magazines to take down to hosp for the day!

Anyway, I saw this on somebodies instagram and loved it! I should realise this somedays as I do forget the sometimes I do need to just have a day to relax and do nothing but when you're feeling well you don't want to do that!

My instagram is grace_oshea if anyone fancys a peek! 

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