Thursday, 25 October 2012

Colds, cough & a week off

Just realised as I typed the title of the post that it rhymes!
After a successful hospital visit last Friday, I woke up yesterday with a swollen throat..didn't feel particularly sore but felt like my tonsils were soooo swollen, found it very hard to eat & drink. Had a bad headache, awful nose, coughing like a loon etc. Managed to pull myself into work with the use of painkillers & anti sickness stuff but when I got home I was just exhausted! I couldn't sleep properly last night and was up a lot during the night coughing and sneezing my head off so didn't managed to go in today.
The problem is, when somebody with CF gets a cold, it's not just your average 'oh I have a bit of a cough, headache and a sneeze' it hits us bloody hard! I'm not saying non CF-ers don't feel ill, just saying that we really do suffer more due to our chest. We get sick a lot quicker, it affects us a lot more than it affects non CF-ers and there's always the big worry of 'please God do not let this spread to my chest' because then there starts a lot of other problems! 

I don't think this has spread to my chest really, yes I am coughing a fair bit more..but it's not an extremely chesty cough (yet! touch wood!). My chest is struggling more than usual but it's nothing TOO bad I don't think! Problem is, us CF-ers get used to feeling shit so even when we're feeling awful we keep thinking 'well it could be worse' (such as not being able to walk more than 10 steps) so we just push ourselves and carry on therefore making us more sick! 
So I really need to learn on detecting when enough is enough! Which is why this morning I stayed off work :( and had a day in bed.. I've literally slept nearly all day.. had an hour awake to try and eat a bit of lunch (my appetite isn't too great at the moment) and then fell back to sleep again. If I sleep anymore I'll probably end up hibernating! Also, I fell asleep with the heating on and woke up so toasty!

On another note, I rang hospital about my iron levels & said they were perfectly fine! This always happens so I might get them to check them again in a couple of weeks when I go back to see if anything's changed :) 

Good thing is, next week is half perk to working in a school is we got holidays! So I've got a fun packed half term ahead of me... going shopping in Westfields with Mum, visiting my best friend Luci at uni for a couple of days, then a day to relax at home.. So I NEED to be better for then!

I'm off to lay on the sofa in my pjs, under a blanket with some lemonade and sugary ginger. Yes sugary ginger pieces are a lifesaver when you're feeling sick!

Bye for now :) xx

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