Sunday, 26 August 2012

Gluey lungs

I'm due to come off IVs on what does my body decide to do? Get a cold! On the strength of antibiotics I'm on you'd think it'd be impossible to get a sore throat, but no! Woke up yesterday morning with a very sore throat and all sniffly but luckily this morning the sore throat seems to be on its way out.
You're probably wondering why this post is called 'gluey lungs'..that's basically the best way I can describe how my little lungs are feeling at the moment; like somebody's poured some glue into them..unless I've been inhaling pritt stick in my sleep I highly doubt that's the case! Luckily it's not ALL the time that they're feeling like this, I get a break for an hour or so here and there..especially if I've done my neb like a good girl! The DNase (which is used to thin mucus in the lungs) worked a treat yesterday, made me feel a lot looser for the rest of the day and evening so I'll probably give that a go in a while and maybe add in a hypertonic saline which is essentially very salty water which irritates the lungs (and me!) to make you cough till you're nearly blue in the face! However, because it's very salty it's a bit like breathing in sea water (I think a physio once told me it was 10 times saltier than the ocean or something) so it tastes VILE and the fact it makes you cough so much end up making me sick a lot of the time so best to do on an empty stomach! Lovely stuff.. better bloody work! :) I'm not doing that hard work for nothing! I popped to Guildford today to get a few bits, it's got a pretty steep hill..definitely noticed the struggle trying to get up it today. I could feel the resistance in my lungs as I was walking up it, like they don't want to take a big breath in. Silly things!

Anyway, last night I dosed up on some painkillers and went out for a night out with the girls which I haven't done in waaaay too long as I was in hospital and then had cannulas in which probably wouldn't be a brill idea to go clubbing with although if they were still in I would have though 'sod it', it's been too long! But it was Paddy's first night out. The good or possibly bad thing is with the IVs, the alcohol goes right to your head very quickly! Which is good in the sense it's a pretty cheap night out but you do have to be quite careful on how much you're drinking. Felt fine last night but this morning felt a little rough..but I discovered that my anti-sickness tablets that I use for when I feel really sick from coughing or IVs are a fab hangover cure! But here's a few photos from the night..

Have a lovely Sunday! xx

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