Thursday, 23 August 2012

Treat yourself day!

You've got to treat yourself once in a while, so Jess & I thought we'd take a trip up to London and have a day out in Knightsbridge treating ourselves to lots of lovely yummy things and doing a bit of window shopping (because when a jumper costs £600 you're not just going to 'buy a couple'!) 

We got on the train at Ascot, got into Waterloo and braved the underground..thank God it wasn't too busy or I would have freaked...

At 9.30am we went up to the fifth floor roof terrace in Harvey Nichols for a GORGEOUS breakfast..chorizo, tomatoes, beans and onion placed on sourdough toast with two eggs on top. Literally was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had! 

Then we had a browse around the shops, bought a couple of yummy treats to take home..looked at all the gorgeous clothes.
I nearly collapsed at the stunning shoes in Christian Louboutin..they were just amazing, but £850 for shoes.....I wonder if I could do some sort of study and say that pretty shoes make your lung function improve somehow and therefore we should get them on the NHS for health benefits? No? ;)

We then had a quick look in the usual Topshop, Zara etc but there really wasn't much in the shops at all! 

Harrods then called us in and we went to the chocolate bar there and devoured a huge chocolate fondue with champagne as well :) 

My lungs held up pretty well although walking up and down flights of stairs in Harrods left me a bit puffy!
However today I seem to be paying for it as chest is quite tight & I seem to be coughing quite a bit :(

We came home on the train, relaxed back at mine and sure enough it was IV time again! Then we went to the lovely Browns in Windsor for dinner which again, was just incredible! But for some reason my horrible cough has come back when I get into the car after coming out of somewhere and walking for a few mins in the air..very annoying cough that wont stop for a few mins! Go away!

Was an amazing day with an amazing friend..a much needed day to treat ourselves and to celebrate Paddy!

And what better to end the day and evening with a scrummy cocktail.. Passionfruit Daquiri !!

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