Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Paddy the port!

I couldn't resist giving my port a name.. I mean, hopefully it'll be there for a long time so I needed to christen it! And seeing as I'm half irish, what better than calling him Paddy! :)

Anyway, I popped to hospital this morning as the cannula was driving absolutely barmy, felt like chewing my own arm off it was so itchy! The lovely nurse Brenda decided that it was fine to access Paddy finally so after attempting with a size 16 needle which didn't quite reach the back of the port, we tried a size 19 and it fitted perfectly :) then woosh, saline flush and it was all up and working! I've already had one lot of IVs through it and just about to start up the second lot.
Today got me thinking. Popped to M&S to get some lunch..haven't been there in ages, the second to last time I went I had just come out of hospital in November and was trying to find a wheelchair (they didn't have any) so I struggled to walk round. Yet today, it was easy to walk around and not a problem at all, thinking about how I was breathing didn't even enter my head. Kind of just got me thinking about how much has changed over the past 7 months and the recovery I've made..and also how I certainly do NOT want to get back like that! 

The annoying thing is, I can't enjoy a deep relaxing bath as I'm not allowed to get Paddy wet whilst he's being accessed..so I'm off for a shallow bath instead! Cannot wait until the IVs finish next week and finally go swimming :)

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