Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunshine & happier lungs

The weather is absolutely gorgeous so what better than a BBQ! 

Starting back up on IVs, especially the meropenum, has made me quite sleepy so on Saturday whilst my dad and grandad painted the kitchen (we're getting a new kitchen fitted this week eek!! :)) I sat outside and sunbathed!

So in the evening we started up the BBQ which was perfect. Steak, prawns, chicken & bacon kebabs, pork belly, salad and potatoes..was completely stuffed afterwards!
And some yummy strawberry & pear cider to finish ;)

After only a few days of being on IVs my chest already feeling better which is good! Temperatures have seemed to settle down..even better :) 
So this evening I went out with the girlies for a meal to Prezzo which was delicious! Back home now to relax for the rest of the evening :)

Night all x

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