Saturday, 18 August 2012

Little lung gremlins..

After a horrendous night on Wednesday (really high temp, coughing, tight chested, couldn't sleep a bloomin' wink and felt so poorly) I was ready to go to hospital Thursday...but to my surprise I woke up & felt absolutely fine! Phew! False alarm..or so I thought!

Friday morning came and sure enough the little lung gremlins decided to play up again as they like to and I felt pretty rough! So thought it best to pop down to hospital (it's only a 1 min drive round the corner thankfully!) and they decided to pop me back on some IVs! 
Although I had the port op last week, they still can't access it just yet as it's still a bit swollen and sore so another week of cannulas it is! And I got a pretty pink one again :)

So I'm back on Meropenum (which a doctor once told me was "like bleach for the lungs, but BMW bleach" haha) and Ceftazadime - which unfortunately smells likes cats pee :/ So I pray that I don't spill it anywhere!
Luckily today my lungs are feeling a bit better; doesn't feel like there's a giant sat on my chest.

And because the weather is GORGEOUS today, we're going to have a lovely BBQ later on! Bought some strawberry cider to try as well!

Have a lovely sunny day all :) 


  1. Love your blog :-) you have given me inspiration to do my own. I'll look forward to reading from now on :-)
    Oh and enjoy your strawberry cider today, sounds beaut! Xx